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Want to get more involved?

Find resources to join ACCCES here. 


Members of ACCCES receive exclusive entry to networking events, professional development workshops, and opportunities to weigh in on CCCAA legislation before its passed. 

Find opportunities to get more involved in our 501c3 non-profit organization below. 

Become a Member

ACCCES is a dues-based membership organization. Complete this short form to join ACCCES and receive all the benefits of membership. 

President's Award Nominations

The President’s Award for Excellence & Leadership (PAEL) is ACCCES’ premier award. It is the highest honor that may be bestowed upon eligibility professionals. This award is presented to a nominee who has demonstrated leadership in eligibility, a strong commitment to fostering a culture of access, ethics, innovation and service within the organization. Our people, policies and processes, never PAEL in comparison!

Executive Board Nominations

Nominate yourself or a colleage for a position on the Executive Board. For more information on the positions, please refer to the ACCCES constitution. 

Emerging Star Nominations

ACCCES’ will recognize an emerging professional with no more than five years of full-time eligibility experience, who is seen as an emerging leader amongst her or his peers, within the profession!

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Membership List

Find a full list of current ACCCES members below. 

Shout Out Nominations

Special recognition will be given to an organizational leader (i.e. president, commissioner, athletic director, academic advisor/counselor, sport information director, athletic trainer, equipment manager, coach, CCCAA executive, etc.) who embodies ACCCES' values and vision of statewide collaboration regarding the  3P's;  People, Policy and Process. These leaders demonstrate what it means to be a selfless team player within the CCCAA and beyond!

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